“Investor Prophet provides the opportunity to analyze and review all possible scenarios for making a sound investment decision. And, it’s easy to use and follow.”

-Ray Lombardi, Realtor, New Jersey Realty

Real Estate Investment Analysis in Minutes

Wisdom. Guidance. Peace of mind. Investor Prophet delivers it all… in an easy-to-use real estate investment analysis software solution that takes the guesswork out of investing in rental property.

Rental Property Analysis Software for all Investors

Whether you have years of experience or are just considering your first investment property—if you buy, sell or list rental property—Investor Prophet can help you make better-informed, more profitable purchasing decisions. This flexible solution enables investors of all experience and skill levels to generate precise, customized rental property analysis and share the results with key stakeholders.

Real Estate Investment Analysis from CPAs and Professional Investors

Developed by an experienced real estate investor and CPA, Investor Prophet focuses on the proven factors of profitability from investing in rental property. Plus, it is the most flexible, easy-to-use rental property analysis software on the market today. Whether you are looking for simple projections or complex, scenario-based analysis, just enter any available data and the software does the rest. No formulas, spreadsheets or document formatting. Just precise calculations, flawless reporting and lightning-fast delivery.

Far more sophisticated than a real estate investment calculator, but simple enough for anyone to use, Investor Prophet makes it easy to generate and share the real estate investment analysis needed to move forward with confidence.